Stuart Oil Change Service

Please call or drop by your local Stuart oil change station - E & M Motors when your car, truck, or SUV needs an oil change. Our ASE certified technicians specialize in oil changes and preventive maintenance services.       

You are probably aware that changing your oil regularly is one of the single most beneficial things you can do to keep your car running as it was designed to do. Most of us are aware that oil lubricates and is vital to a vehicle’s function and that it prevents parts from rubbing together and causing friction and wear.

Oil also carries heat away and prevents your engine and related parts from overheating.  Motor oil envelopes many types of contaminants, preventing a buildup of harmful residues. When motor oil is not changed in a timely manner, it will become saturated with contaminants; deposits will begin to form when the oil loses its capacity to hold them in suspension.

Additives are used in motor oils that are designed to improve performance at extreme temperatures and operating conditions. Some additives enhance the way oils maintain their flow and lubricating characteristics in severe conditions.  Certain additives help clean your engine. When oil is not changed regularly, it begins to lose the beneficial properties of the additives.

Did you know that some of the moving parts in your engine have clearances of less than thousandths of an inch? Clean oil is critical to keeping these parts moving without touching each other.

At your local Stuart oil change station - E & M Motors - our technicians will be happy to discuss the best oil for your particular vehicle and how and under what conditions it is driven.