30,000 Mile Service

The 30,000 mile service is usually the first major service that your car will have done to it during a long life of routine services. The E & M Motors service team would love to work with you on your car during the entire time you own it. We have a number of customers in Stuart who come back to us again and again for routine service. We love building this kind of relationship with a person and their car as it allows us a great chance to know everything about them - the car that is!

When you come to a shop routinely for services, including the 30,000 mile service, it allows a team of service experts that chance to know what has happened to the car. You can’t get this when you jump from shop to shop, that’s why we would like to see you here at E & M Motors for your 30,000 mile service and many more after. Car owners in Stuart who do this with us get exceptional service and we’d like for you to be one of them.

Your 30,000 mile service will be unique to your car. We don’t believe in blanket 30,000 mile services for cars at E & M Motors as each car is unique. There are common traits shared, most every car will need new fluids and filters, but beyond that we’ll accurately assess what your car needs and discuss it with you. Call up our shop in Stuart today to the 30K service that will be best for your car.